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characteristics of the region is the high variability of the temperature, even during the day. The second cultural centre of the city is in the Eure district near the Basin Vauban. 35 The architecture of the area is characterized by the use of precast concrete using a system of a modular frame.24 metres and straight lines. Thousands of references are available in specialized libraries in the Higher School of Art, the Museum of André Malraux, and the Natural History Museum. The Le Havre region has more than a third of French refining capacity. Le Havre under snow The absolute speed record for wind at Le Havre Cap de la Heve was recorded on t 180 kilometres per hour (112 miles per hour). 67 The population is mainly concentrated in the city centre and Côte-Ormeaux. 239 (in bite de 22 cm gay le havre French) Tourneville Fort Archived t the Wayback Machine., Ville du Havre, consulted on (in French) a b c d Le Havre and its districts: data from 2007, insee, consulted on (in French) The eco-district "Les Hauts de Bl?ville".

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Since its founding in 1517 on the orders of François I, Le Havre has continued to grow: today it measures 27 km (17 mi) from east to west, about 5 km (3 mi) from north to south with an area of 10,000 hectares (24,711 acres). This eco-district made up of housing units to HQE standards, a Joint Development Area (ZAC and a school should have a total of 1,000 housing units. It provides about 50 of the production of basic plastics and 80 of additives and oils 128 with more than 3,500 researchers working in private and public laboratories. 33 (in French) Information on Nature and scenery in the estuary nord gay tube com plan cul sete of the Seine, Carmen, Haute-Normandie, consulted on (in French). The main natural hazards are floods, storms, and storm surges. This development extends the budget for the Grand Projet de Ville (GPV).
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  2. The National Choreographic Centre of Le Havre Haute-Normandie specialises in the creation and production of dance shows. Crossing times to Portsmouth vary from five hours and thirty minutes to eight hours. There is therefore a low representation of head offices in the city with the exception of some local economic successes such as the Sidel Group (now a subsidiary of Tetra Pak ) a distributor of interior furniture, and the ship-owner. Between 20, the total length of cycle paths has doubled to 46 km (29 mi) in total length.
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